Who I am

Who I am

Hello and welcome! My name is Maria Domenica, founder of the blog  Metodi& Strategie (Methods&Strategies). I’m born in Puglia (Italy) and since 2012 I live in Germany. Before moving to a foreign land, I lived for 6 years in Pisa (Tuscany). Here I studied at the university while eating a big amount of “Cecina”, a typical Italian chickpea flatbread :-). During those years I meet a lot of wonderful people coming from different part of world and I had the opportunity to be traineed in the Italian national center of research (CNR).  In 2011 I graduate in Molecular Biology.

Ones I finished the university I felt “incomplete”; do so I decided to look for a PhD. With a big satisfaction I got a Marie Curie Fellowship and I worked as a scientist at Helmholtz Zentrum Gestaacht (center of biomaterial research) for 4 years. I collaborated with universities, research institutions, companies and I exchanged my knowledge at international and interdisciplinary level. Today I work as Business Analyst & Project Manager.

Do a PhD is an amazing experience of life but it is very challenging. I opened the blog to share what I learned (and still learning!) along the way and help young students and professionals to achieve their goals.

What is a PhD? What to do after PhD? How swift career and jump from academia to industry? Which are the best learning methods?

I answer to those and other questions trough blog posts and interviews done to researchers, managers and students from all over the world. Most of the information available in this blog are written in italian, nevertheless you can find English posts and video under the section “English posts” .

Learning process is constantly changing do to digitalization. Online learning is an amazing opportunity to acquire always new knowledge and skills. In the video below I introduced my self and together with Anja we discussed pro and cons of online courses.

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