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In trouble with your university journey? Do you not know what to do afterward?

Metodi&Strategie is the right place for you! My name is Maria and in this blog, I’m sharing knowledge and experiences that will help you along your adventure.

I’m Italian and I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry (Here more about me) and as I experienced myself, the university journey can be really hard. Often students have blocked facing problems that can be easily solved thanks to the exchange with other people. Sharing experiences is the key to success.

In this blog, you will find tips and interviews of researchers, managers, professors but also young students. How they reached their goals? What we can learn from them?

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Master Thesis vs COVID-19 emergency: which challenges?

Do a master thesis during COVID-19 emergency: which challenges? which solutions? In this video we fly to Ghana and the guest of this episode is Toyib Aremu. In this interview, Toyib shares with us the challenges that he had during his Master Thesis and how he was able to finish his research project besides difficulties. Be inspired by his valuable suggestions!:-)