What is Metodi&Strategie podcast?

What is Metodi&Strategie podcast?

Research behind the science: the Methods&Strategies blog and podcast

Call to action! Are you a PhD student? A postdoc? Are you on track of getting tenure and becoming a Professor? Have you started a new career outside academia or are you in the process of moving out of academia? Share your experience and be part of Methods&Strategies podcast project! Read on to learn more about the project and listen to our latest interview.

In the modern society, communication among people has become a lot easier thanks to the constant development of new technologies and social media platforms. Despite that, there is a big communication gap between scientists and public and it is often unclear about what the day-to-day life of research really entails. Reasons can be attributed to:

  • The lack of information about all the steps that lead to the publication of new research founding 
  • The unknown “behind the scenes” in the life of a researcher.

Methods&Strategies podcast, run in both Italian and English Languages,  aims to enhance the cross interaction between researchers and public through podcast interviews. Scientists, PhD students and postdocs are invited to share with the listeners their own personal experiences as a researcher and clarify some basic points belonging to the scientific world: How to find a PhD? What is a scientific paper? How is being a scientist different that having a “standard” job? How do you find work outside the research field?

The main reasons why you should embark upon Methods&Strategies podcast project:

  • Promote your own projects 
  • Look for new collaborations
  • Demonstrate your communication skills
  • Show up if you are looking for a new job position
  • Connect with other people inside and outside research
  • Use the interview to update your resume and social working profile

Be Proactive! Bring your own personal and unique value to the world using your voice! 

Are you interested? Let’s drive in!


If you want to be part of the project, just send an email to metodiestrategie@gmail.com with the subject “Methods&Strategie interview” and describe briefly how you are and your current position. Additionally, please send your linkedin profile and we will get in touch with you!

Project in collaboration with the Blog of Marie Curie Alumni Association!

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