PhD and Management consulting

Would you like to do Management consulting but you do not know where to start? Is a PhD degree necessarily to work in a company as a consult? What are the main skill required in this profession?

Welcome to another episode of Methods&Strategies podcast! Guest of this episode is Nicole Ostrowsiki, a young professional woman working as a consultant. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of doing research is to meet people coming from overall the world. Sometimes something magical happens: people know each other even if they never met before. It is exactly what happens to me and Nicole. We meet in Germany, in the big guest house of Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht together with Chamini Mendis.

Now we are in different countries and we are doing different jobs. Chamini works as a reader in metallurgy by the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST ) in London (England), while Nicole works as a consult Consultant at Highmark Health in Pennsylvania (USA)

Besides that, the relationship between us is such that both Chamini and Nicole accepted enthusiastic to do a podcast interview. In the episode 8 “The internal driving force of doing research” , Chamini shared with us her experience as a researcher. Nicole decided to leave research and to the a career in a company doing management consulting. In this interview she explains to us what a management consultant does and the important skills to acquire in order to be successful.

Here some points discussed during the interview:

  • Difference between university organization in  Europe and America
  • Importance of a PhD degree and working position in a company
  • Experience as a PhD student in Germany
  • The job situation in America for foreigners

…and much more! 

                            Listen here the interview!



Useful link:

As Nicole explained in the interview, she arrived in Germany thanks to a fellowship. If you are looking for experience outside USA, here the link of the Whitaker International Program.

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