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Marie Curie Alumni Association and the European Joint Doctorate Programme

Research is one of the main topics of this digital platform and one of the goals of Metodi&Strategie podcast is to enhance the communication between scientists and the public. With this episode it officially starts the collaboration between Methods&Strategies and Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA).  We will meet scientists and PhD student that decided to share their professional and personal experiences!

Guest of this episode is Ruben Riosa, a Marie Curie PhD student actively involved also in the proofreading and writing of articles and posts both for the blog and the newsletter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association. 

The interview is divided in two parts:

1_ What is the (MCAA) Marie Curie Alumni Association: goals, structure and training programs (0-19 min)

2_ Experience of Ruben Riosa as a Marie Curie PhD student and the MANNA project (19 min to the end)

Here a brief summary of the topics discussed during the interview:

Part 1:

  • What is the Marie Curie Alumni Association

The Marie Curie Alumni Association is an organization that connects present and past researchers who are working or worked for a Marie Curie Action funded? Project. The Marie Curie Actions are fellowship financed by the European Commission aiming for the promotion of scientific exchange between European countries. 

  • Goals of the Marie Curie Alumni Association

Spread science to the public is one of the goals of the association. Thanks to events like the European Researchers’ Nights, scientists have the chance to explain the impact of research on our life. 

  • Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (ESR)

Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher is a definition of the European Commission and refers to people that are in the first 4 years of their research career (PhD students). Thanks to the Marie Curie funding, scientists receive special training and are working in close collaboration with companies and public institutions.

Would you like to know more about the (MCAA) Marie Curie Alumni Association? Listen to the first 19 minutes of the interview!!!



Would you like to know more about the (MCAA) Marie Curie Alumni Association? Listen to the first 19 minutes of the interview!!!

Part 2:

In the second part of the interview, Ruben shares with us his experience as an ESR researcher and explains us the aims of the MANNA project. 

Here a brief summary of the topics discussed during the interview:

  • What is the MANNA project

The Marie Curie Funded Project “MANNA” stands for European Joint Doctorate in Molecular Animal Nutrition. The mission of the project is to provide a double doctorate training programme. The research is focussed on innovative technologies applied to animal science and nutrition. 

The 11 PhD students (ESRs) involved in the project are aiming to study and improve the livestock health using different approaches based on in vivo and/or in vitro studies. The project comprises 18 leading groups spread in 8 different European countries, among them: 6 universities, 3 public research institutes and 9 companies.

  • The training of the ESR

With big enthusiasm, Ruben shares with us the experience and the training he’s having within the MANNA project. Each of the 11 PhD students have 3 supervisors (2 from academia and 1 from a company) that are supporting the young researchers along with their work. Moreover, they will receive a double PhD degree as 2 years are spent in the primary host university and 1 year in the second one. 

  • Found a Marie Curie Project

If you are a young student looking for an ESR training project you may wandering: how can I find such a great opportunity? Here are some of the suggestions coming out from the interview: 

  1. Ruben discovers MANNA project while doing his master’s degree at the University of Milan as this university is one of the partners involved in the programme. The experience of Ruben teaches that great opportunities could be around you! So, first of all, have a look at your university, be proactive and get in direct touch with professors to discover new opportunities!
  2. Visit the official website of the European Union, EURAXESS, to find all the financed projects. 

Would you like to have more information about the MANNA project? Would you like to hear all the suggestions that Ruben gave in the interview? Listen to the rest of the interview! 


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