Online learning

Online learning

Digitalization is changing the learning process. Pandemic emergency highlight the possibility to acquire knowledge and learn new skills through online courses. But are those online courses good as the traditional one? Where to start? Here useful tips to start the right way!

Online learning: where to start?

In the last 30 years the world is changed as never before. Together with communication and daily tasks, digitalization strongly impacted on learning opportunities.

For people curious like me, online learning is simply amazing! Today resources are easily available and the exchange with other people can additional highlight knowledge acquired.

Thanks to the passion for the online learning I met Anja , fellow blogger with a strong expertises related to online learning. On her blog (HERE the link) Anja writes very interesting articles about alternative study possibilities available in internet and related self development topics.

Anja is not only very professional but also a very nice person. If you want know more about only learning, online courses you should definitely check her blog! In this interview Anja introduces her self and explain her journey towards online study. Be inspired by her experience! 🙂

Have you questions? You not hesitate to contact Anja:

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