International PhD

International PhD

Be a researcher means love science and love to travel. What does really mean do an international PhD? Pro and cons of a nice adventure! 🙂

Science: the behind the scene

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Metodi&Strategie podcast show! One of the main purposes of the podcast is to share with all of you the experiences of young Ph.D. students and researchers.

Do a PhD means, first of all, be flexible and be able to adapt to new working environments. In some of international PhD Programm, as the Marie Curie Fellows, work in different laboratories and in different countries is a MUST.

Full of enthusiasm, a lot of students embrace this duty without be really aware of the difficulties that the could meet.

We discuss this aspect and other interesting points with Raquel Sofia C. Cordeiro, a young professional that performed her research project in 3 different countries!

Raquel share with us challenges, difficulties but also SOLUTIONS! Important advice for all the students that are looking forward to start a similar experience of life.

Here the main topic discussed during the interview:

  • Ph.D. in 3 countries: challenges and difficulties
  • Ph.D. and work in Germany
  • Social life outside research
  • Research vs Business

…and more!

What you are waiting for? If what to do an international PhD or if you do not know if research life is for you….

Listen to the interview! 🙂

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