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How to become a researcher?

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of Methods&Strategies podcast, the show that will give you the suggestion that you need to succeed at university and at work! If you also want to become a researcher, listen to the interview to a young researcher: Giancarlo Abis, Postdoctoral Researcher at University College London.

How to become a researcher

As briefly described in the introduction, Giancarlo shares with us his experiences along the way to become a researcher. After the PhD, be a postdoc is the following step in order to become a researcher.

In the previous episodes if Methods&Strategies podcast, we spoke about the PhD under Marie Curie Training and with Layla Filiciotto we wanted to understand why it is worth to have a PhD to work for a company

In this new episode we discover the role of the postdoc in academia. First of all, Giancarlo explains what is a postdoc and the differences in the research environment between Italy and England.

A spontaneous and genuine interview in which Giancarlo gives interesting advice for all the young students that are willing to stay in academia!

Listen to the interview!


Here some of the topic discussed during the interview:

  • How find a PhD position abroad
  • The importance of the role of a postdoc inside academia
  • Supervision of PhD students
  • Collaboration of companies from academia point of views
  • Brexit: consequence on research field?

..and much more!!!

Did you liked the discussion with Giancarlo? You want to have other suggestion on how to become a researcher?Stay in contact with us through the Methods&Strategie Facebook group!

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