The internal driving force on doing research

The internal driving force on doing research

Would you like to do research? What does it means publish a research in a scientific journal? What are the most important skills to acquire in order to be successful in research? If you would like to find answer to these questions, you are to the right place!

In this episode of MetodieStrategie (Methods&Strategies) podcast all these questions will find an answer thanks to the interview performed to Dr. Chamini Mendis.

The beauty of working in three different countries

Dr. Chamini Mendis, reader in metallurgy by the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST). Dr. Mendis is an experienced researcher and in this nice interview she is sharing with us her experienced that leads her to her current position.

If  you also would like to be a researcher or you would  like to know about this field, well
you should listen to the interview of Chamini 🙂

Chamini obtained her current position thanks to the acquisition of specific knowledge gained working in different countries (Australia, Japan, Germany) and publishing her research in relevant scientific journals. She started her career in Australia at Monash University; she explains us the difference between the system organization in Australia compared to Europe and the “Internal driving force on doing research” (using her words) that bring her to move to Japan.

Our guest share with us her work experience in Japan and the love for research that brings her to work losing the sense of time, an encouragement to find a passion more than a work.

During the interview, clarification concerning the “art of communication” in science and the role of the woman in a male dominated field like engineering material. Are you curious?

                                   Listen to the interview!!!


Are you interested on Chamini’s research field and would you like to check for suitable phd or postdoc position? 

Following this link you can find opened position at Brunel University London.








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